Ontario Libertarian Party Newsletter
Volume 17, Number 2, Summer 1995

The 1995 Provincial Election

The Libertarian Campaign

The Ontario Libertarian Party had planned for the 1995 provincial election for over a year, including a test by-election in Victoria- Haliburton and a caucus meeting in February. Yet the election call caught the party with no money and no literature.

Headquarters sent a letter backed with phoning, and members rose to the challenge by donating $10,000 during the campaign period. (Expenses were about $11,000).

Political Attache Hill Cox put together a $6000 campaign budget, which was held to. This money paid for: 5000 pamphlets and 10 signs for each candidate, printing of a platform (written by Hill), and a policy book for each candidate consisting of the platform, the "X Plan," and a wealth of supporting material. (Some candidates printed their own pamphlets, while some used none.) In all, 50,000 pieces of libertarian literature were distributed during the campaign.

The Party held a press conference May 26 at Queen's Park. The resulting press coverage was supplemented with almost daily calls from the print and radio media. CBC television carried free-time ads, produced by candidate Mark Scott.

Leader John Shadbolt appeared province-wide on TVOntario; on an Internet debate (with Treasurer Jim McIntosh); and on local radio and TV through the province.

In Acton, John ran an innovative campaign focussed around large 4'x8' signs, with messages changing at least twice a week; a low- cost initiative that gained local press and much local attention. Serge Brisson and Vic Watts also used the concept.

The top candidate was Robert Ede in York Centre, with 1,792 votes (2.31%). Three other candidates - Chairman Jean-Serge Brisson, Vice-Chairman Kaye Sargent, and Paul Barker - topped 1%. Total votes were down, to 6,000.

Many Libertarians performed well in this election: those mentioned above, and others. All are due congratulations. But this election does not call for congratulations. Rather, it calls for firm resolve: for the sake of our province, our futures, and our children's futures, we can and must do better.

Robert Ede York Centre 1792 2.31
Jean-Serge Brisson Prescott-Russell 626 1.41
Kaye Sargent Oxford 386 1.09
Paul Barker Trinity-Spadina 266 1.01
Sam Apelbaum Scarborough East 319 0.93
Doug Quinn Dovercourt 161 0.84
Dan Hunt Etobicoke-Lakeshore 270 0.82
Dianne Sanderson Wellington 269 0.82
George Dance Scarborough West 214 0.78
Mark Meschino York Mills 223 0.75
Barbara Rowe Carleton 293 0.67
Tom Bradburn Guelph 265 0.66
Roma Kelembet York South 153 0.60
John Shadbolt Halton North 187 0.59
Victor Watts Peterborough 251 0.58
Hans Wienhold Hamilton West 169 0.52
Nunzio Venuto Dovercourt 100 0.49
Mark Scott St. Andrew-St. Patrick 141 0.44

Figures courtesy the Commission on Election Finances

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