Volume 20, Number 3
Spring, 2000

Doug Burn, Editor

A Day in the Country
Stand Up to the Health Fascists
Post This on Your Fridge, Upcoming Events
Leader's Report – Sam Apelbaum
Chairman's Report – George Dance
ISIL's 20th Anniversary World Libertarian Conference
Help Revive the Libertarian Party of Canada
Operation Politically Homeless - Kimberly Crawley
Treasurer's Report - Jim McIntosh

A Day in the Country

Call now to reserve your place in the sun at our annual Libertarian Barbecue.

When:              Sunday May 7-- 1:00 to 3:30 PM

Where:            16812 Humber Station Road, Caledon East

How Much:     $15 per person (if you order now)

Why:                Spring has Rites too

Tickets:           (416) 651-8378 - Nunzio Venuto                                        

This is a rain or shine event in the bucolic environs of the Caledon Hills on the estate of our esteemed and gracious host Garret Pittenger. Enjoy row boating on Garret's pond (don't forget life jackets) and swimming too if you're brave enough. Hike the walking trails or, if you're less ambitious, walk the hiking trails. Bring a lawn chair and soak up some rays. And, bring an appetite for the big barbecue. Your $15 pays for an all-you-can-eat feast of hot dogs and hamburgers and soft drinks. Garret's place is just an hour from downtown Toronto.


Map to describe the above text

First, go to the intersection of Highways 7 and 407 and head west on 7 until you get to Highway 50. Turn right and go north through Bolton, keep going under and beyond the railway tracks, and turn west (left) on Patterson Road (if you miss the turn-off you'll end up in Palgrave where an old man on a rocking chair will ask 'Where you heading in such a damn hurry'). Okay, you're heading west on Patterson Road and after passing one intersection you turn south on the next one called Humber Station Road. The place you're looking for is the second house on the west side (on the right) and just to be sure, look for the number 16812 on both the gate and the white mailbox. Now you've earned your orienteering merit badge and a refreshing beverage. Oops, got lost? Call Garrett at (905) 880-4848 for better directions. Call now and let us know you're coming so we can order enough brewskies, burgers and dogs. If you're not yet 100% sure but think you might be coming, call anyway. Then, we'll call back to confirm before we go out grocery shopping.


Stand Up to the Health Fascists

Dinner Meeting - Thursday April 13, 7:00 pm

Had enough of the nanny state? Looking for a better comeback than 'Piss off' when the health fascists tell you 'It's for your own good?'  Come on down to the China Buffet King (4141 Dixie Road in Rockwood Mall, see map) for our April dinner meeting and hear Dr. John C. Luik tell it like it is. Dr Luik, a Rhodes Scholar and philosophy professor, is a frequent media commentator, conference speaker and the author of, "The Assault on Pleasure: Health Promotion and Engineering the Human Soul", "Smokescreen: Passive Smoking and Public Policy", and "I Can't Help Myself: Addiction as Ideology" as well as others. His topic April 13 is 'Health Paternalism,' Dr. Luik says he's looking forward to the meeting and your questions. Let's show our appreciation and turn out en masse. Here's an excellent opportunity to introduce your friends to libertarian ideas. Dr. Luik will no doubt succeed where others have failed in convincing Canadians of the dangers of paternalism. Hate to sound like a telethon shill but we really need you to call or e-mail TODAY and let us know you're coming. We want the people at the China Buffet King to know we're valued customers.  Tickets are $20 at the door and that includes an all-you-can eat buffet, the camaraderie of free thinkers and a quickie course on how to disarm the health fascists.


Post This On Your Fridge

In our last issue, we provided the dates for our upcoming dinner meetings, the barbecue and the Christmas party but you've probably lost the list and there are new dates to add, so cut this out and post it on your bulletin board. Libertarian Party Events    

April 13 Dinner Meeting

April 30 Executive Meeting

May 7 Barbecue

May 21-22 LPC Convention

Late May Summer Bulletin

June 8 Dinner Meeting

July 23-28 ISIL Conference

September 14  Dinner Meeting

Mid-September Fall Bulletin

October 12 Dinner Meeting

October 21 Annual General Meeting

November 9 Dinner Meeting

Early December Winter Bulletin

December 14 Christmas Party  


Leader's Report – Sam Apelbaum

Provincial politics currently lie dormant for the dominant political parties as they exist only for the purpose of getting and keeping power and there won't be another election for a few years. By contrast, what happens between elections is more significant for our party. Elections are simply one measure of our progress on our journey toward a new order.  In this new libertarian order, human energy will be free to channel itself into endeavours which greatly accelerate progress and work for the betterment of humanity and the success of future generations. Lives will no longer be devoted to becoming the government, convincing the government, cajoling the govern­ment, getting money or favours from the govern­ment, obeying the government, avoiding the government, fending off the government, paying the government, and so on.  Our purpose is to educate the public as broadly as possible about the natural and proper role for government so that change can occur.  To do this effectively we need to attract ever more supporters who are prepared to donate time and money to further our common cause. Here are some of the steps we are taking in this regard.  We are cultivating relationships with the media and are looking to create newsworthy events for them because media recognition is essential.  The party is also looking for speaking engagements to address groups and organizations.  If you have contacts or skills  which can help us implement these plans, let us know.  Our platform is currently a work in progress on our web site (www.libertarian.on.ca) We want to develop a policy book and platform before the next election.  Since libertarians are in agreement about our fundamental principles, we only need to fill in the details for politically implementing libertarianism.  Your party executive doesn't claim to have superior abilities in devising the plans.  In fact, since your ideas may be better than ours, we invite you to help create our party platform within the following parameters:  

1.               Propose ideas for transition.  If we were to win an election tomorrow, certain things could and should be done instantly while other things would need to occur over time.

2.                Your policy proposal can be any length but please provide a condensed version of no more than 250 words for publication in the policy book.  If your submission is accepted, the party will make your more detailed explanation available on request.

3.                The executive will make the final decision about including or excluding any policy proposal from the party platform.  The policy proposal will be attributed to its author when it is published.

4.                By making your submission you are certifying that it represents your original composition created by you and you assign all copyright to the Ontario Libertarian Party.  You agree that the Party shall have the right to publish and reproduce your submission in any form of communication whatsoever and shall, at its sole discretion, have the further right to make reasonable editing changes.

5.            We prefer that submissions be e-mailed to but you can mail it to Ontario Libertarian Party, 4599 Kingston Road, Suite 202, Scarborough, Ontario M1E 2P3.  We need to know who you are.  No anonymous submissions will be accepted.  Please provide your name, home address, home and work telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address.  We are pleased to be able to offer you this opportunity to contribute to our common purpose and  look forward to hear from you.


Chairman's Report – George Dance

This issue contains notice of two bylaw amendments that will be proposed at the Ontario Libertarian Party's next executive meeting. Their adoption would give us two basic tenets: a 'Mission' and a 'Motto'.  Both mission and motto are 'image' statements. They reflect the fact that a clear, fixed, attractive image or presence is crucial to our success. Before Ontario voters will consider us, they need to know our party and message and relate positively to both. While we offer a consistent and positive alternative to a discredited system, we have not capitalized on it. In fact, we have next to no image. It is doubtful that most voters know anything at all about us. These image statements address the question: 'What do we want them to know?  The motto is a signature slogan such as 'Just Do It', or 'Built for Drivers' and the countless others that companies pay ad agencies megabucks to create and promote. As with them, our aim it to have consumers-- in our case, every Ontario voter -- know our motto.  The mission is a more detailed statement of fundamental beliefs and goals. Fry and Kitting (2000) offer a good definition: 'A firm's mission communicates its basic identity and purpose.' Our aim would be to have everyone interested in our party know our mission statement.  The mission and motto must meet these criteria:

·        a principled, unambiguous and accurate statement of what our party stands for

·        a positive message appealing to unbiased readers, listeners and viewers

·        stated in plain English and clear and accessible to everyone

·        brief enough that anyone can grasp the message in a few seconds

The proposed mission and motto met all the criteria. The proposed mission statement is, "The mission of the Ontario Libertarian party is to have individual liberty recognized, respected and protected in Ontario."  The proposed motto is:  "Ontario's Party of Choice"  The success of a mission and motto depends upon their constant promotion. It is vital that we employ both statements over and over again, at every opportunity. The image will not just develop itself. It is equally important that the image remain constant, hence the need for new Bylaws, which would give both statements a more permanent and more official character.  A Bylaw may be adopted by a three-quarters vote of the Executive, subject to ratification at the next Annual General Meeting. Immediate Executive approval fits in best with our needs. For example, we urgently need new letterhead so it only makes sense to resolve the question of putting the motto and/or mission on our letterhead now.  Party Leader Sam Apelbaum made an excellent suggestion at our last executive meeting to incorporate our motto into our logo. While everyone liked and supported the proposed mission and motto, approval was deferred so that they could be circulated at our February dinner meeting where they were uniformly supported.  This notice is meant to involve you in the process. I hope you are as pleased as I am with the final products and recognize their value as a true reflection of the party that you believe in and want to share.


ISIL's 20th Anniversary World Libertarian Conference London, Canada - July 23 - 28, 2000



1.      Meet world-famous philosophers, activists and authors including Barbara Branden (author Passion of Ayn Rand), John Hospers (1st Libertarian Party presidential candidate), George H. Smith (author and historian), and Leon Louw (activist, constitutional lawyer, author and Nobel Prize-nominee).

2.      One low fee includes 4+ days of activities, 5 nights lodging, all meals, reception and Gala closing banquet.

3.      Hear over 20 international speakers from around the world discuss the most important issues facing our world: from philosophical foundations to health care and globalization.

4.      Special Activist Sessions on building a global libertarian action network, and on building a grassroots consensus.

5.      Learn how to counter socialist and statist arguments.

6.      Enjoy our world reunion of ISIL's Freedom Torch Award winners - each an outstanding libertarian activist.

7.      Engage in stimulating discussion and debate at our daily Speakers' Corners.

8.      Feast on hearty, delicious meals created by our on-site chef.

9.      Enjoy a special tour of London and a Surprise Adventure led by adventurer and world-class athlete, Jeff MacInnis.

10.   Gala Banquet and Talent Show featuring  ballroom/ ballet/aerials, sing-a-long, and martial arts demo, including movement balladeers Craig Franklin & Carla Howell.

11.   Student Program includes "Organizing on Campus" and "How to Recruit and Activate Young Libertarians"

12.   Optional Post-Conference Tour includes dinner 1,200 feet up in the world's tallest free-standing structure, the CN Tower, Shaw Festival performance, Niagara Falls tour on the Maid-of-the-Mist, and Jazz Festival.


For more info email mlcomm(at)interlog.com with "Tell me more" in the subject line, or visit our website at libertyconferences.com  Phone toll free in North America 1 800 226 2405.

Join the ISIL Conference Team

The World Libertarian Conference requires a solid team of organizers -- people willing and able to carry out the responsibilities of marketing and promotion, financial management, program development, speaker co-ordination, database management, registration and communications. There are also a multitude of tasks including research, writing articles, correspondence and phone contacts, administrative and clerical functions, database entries, arranging transportation and other important details. So pitch in and lend a helping hand. It's an experience you'll treasure for many years to come.  Contact Conference Coordinator Mary Lou Gutscher at 416-250-1564 or by e-mail MLGutscher(at)compuserve.com. Mary Lou is a former OLP chair, and an advisor to libertarian activists in North America, Europe, the former Eastern Bloc, and Latin America, and has been active in organizing ISIL conferences since 1994.  Let's get behind this project and help make it the biggest and best ISIL convention in its 20-year history!

Find Out More

For more information about the International Society for Individual Liberty, its news magazine Freedom Network News and its highly acclaimed pamphlet series, contact ISIL at 836-B Souuthampton Rd. PMB#299, Benicia, CA 94510. Tel: (707) 746-8796; Fax (707) 746-8797; E-mail: isil(at)isil.org; Web Site: www.isil.org


Help Revive the Libertarian Party of Canada  

Jean Serge Brisson, president, Libertarian Party of Canada is trying to revive the LPC and he needs our help. We hear that he has received a good response to this letter he sent out to LPC members at the end of January (posted on the LPC web site libertarian.ca   but the Party will need even more help. Here is the text of the letter from. Jean Serge Brisson, President of the Libertarian Party of Canada  

"This is the first time we are doing any communication with the members since the 1997 federal election. How did it feel not having anyone to vote for in the last election?"  Well, I guess we all got a good taste of what it would feel like if libertarian principles were never given a chance to be exposed. Personally I did not like it. It happened for several reasons: We had no people to work with. An election can only be fought when the members of a party get involved in it."Another major reason was that there were a number of changes made to the Elections Act in 1993. These changes were designed to shut down smaller Canadian political parties, and very nearly succeeded in killing the LPC. The deposit required of each candidate was more than increased 5 times to $1000. If the candidate received less than 15 percent of the vote in his riding, he lost half of this deposit."  A party which did not run fifty candidates was "deregistered", which meant that it could not issue tax receipts for donations, and all assets of the party would be stolen by the federal government.  "The changes in the Election Act made it very difficult for the average candidate to run in the election; as a result, the LPC was deregistered following the 1997 election. We managed to avoid having the federal government steal our remaining assets by donating what money we had left to the Manitoba Flood Relief fund.  "Unfortunately, this left the Party with no money, requiring us to rebuild with no financial base. In the past year, the Board has worked to get the party in good standing with Election Canada in order to be able to run in the next election. Board members have paid out of their own pockets for audits which were required in order to eventually re‑register the Party.  "This letter is to announce that we are going to be holding our next convention in May 2000. In order to hold this convention, we need to know if there exists enough interest by the members to do it.  "This means we will need feedback from you the members on what you wish us to do: hold the convention or let this party die. If you wish us to hold the convention, we will need to receive your registration fee. It will tell us whether or not there is an interest. If there is not enough interest by the middle of April, then we will refund your registration.  "Also, the party still has to take care of ongoing business, such as doing a mailing like this one, paying for administration costs and printing a newsletter. All those activities are necessary and it is the only way we can keep you informed on what the party is doing.  "Because of these extraordinary circumstances, existing memberships have been extended until the convention. If you cannot attend the convention, and even if you can, we urge you to renew your membership now. This will give us a start on raising the funds we need to continue operating. Though we cannot yet give you a tax credit for it, any additional donation, even a simple $20 contribution, would be extremely helpful.  "The Libertarian Party of Canada is down, but not yet out. Whether the Party survives and becomes once again a voice for liberty in Canada is up to you.  "Contributions should be sent to:  Libertarian Party of Canada 2052 Ste. Marie, Embrun, Ontario,K0A 1W0.  To remain anonymous, your donation must be $100 or less and "ANONYMOUS" must be marked on the face of your cheque.



The latest word from Jean Serge is that he has "received a strong enough of a response on the mail out that encourages me to declare the convention a go!! One speaker that I have locked down is David Lindsay. author of the book "Rights Denied," an easy read on Common Law and the Canadian Constitution." A second speaker is Brad Medd who has been legally de-registering Canadians as "taxpayers". He is now being taken to court by Canada Revenue and Customs Agency.  He will give a run down of the legality of taxes in Canada.  Tentative date is May 21-22 in Mississauga.


  Operation Politically Homeless

Young people are as sceptical of government as ever.  Millions of youth have been let down by the public school system, welfare, and politician's lies.  They aren't at all surprised that their parents have problems covering college tuition, due to their heavy tax burden, and fewer and fewer expect magical solutions to their financial and personal problems from government.  But they are used to hearing the same rubbish from the defenders of the status quo.  Most of them are unaware that groups like the OLP are fighting for their freedom.  As the OLP's youngest executive by far, I have an advantage relevant to reaching young people.  Youth will lead the world of tomorrow, and it is essential to the health of individualist thought that we excite them with our ideas.  Operation Politically Homeless, from the Advocates for Self-Government, is an incredibly successful tool which we used at Western Fair last fall.  It is based on the Nolan chart, and it shows people that politics go beyond left and right.  (Visit www.self-gov.org for more detail.) I want to bring OPH to schools and youth groups, and I am in the process of finding venues. This is where you come in.  I would love to have one or two (or possibly more) party members assist me with phone calling and touring with the kit.  If you're interested (you don't have to commit to anything at this point), please e-mail me at kimcrawley(at)i.am , or phone me between 7:00 and 10:00 PM at (905) 824-5130.  I'd love your support! Let's make this project a success, for the sake of the future.

Kimberly Crawley, Secretary



Treasurer's Report - Jim McIntosh

The following report compares our income and expenses for 1999 (unaudited), including election contribut­ions and expenses, to 1998.  It also shows the budget approved by the Executive at the January meeting. 



















Election Contributions






Goods & Service






Fundraising Activities






Membership Fees






Other Income






Transfers Received
























Accounting & Audit






Bank Charges












Election Brochures






Nomination Expenses






Fund Raising Expenses






Meetings Hosted






Office  Rent






Office Supplies






Postage & Courier






Professional Fees












Transfers Paid Out






Travel Expenses


















Surplus (Deficit)






Plus Bank Balance Jan 1






To (from) Accts Payable






Ending Bank Balance






$2,000 previously included in Bulletin expenses for 1998 now are included in Professional Fees.  This was paid to consultants to help us develop a brochure to attract new members. This adjustment gives us a more accurate com­pari­son of the cost of printing Bulletin each year. We have increased the budget for Bulletin in 2000 in anticipation of adding more names to our mailing list.  The allocation of $1,000.00 for "Election Brochures" in 2000 anticipates a project to prepare a platform document which we can use both for elections and for inquiries from prospective members.  Our Accounting and Audit expenses will be less this year, assuming we will not have a provincial election.  Our auditors, Bruni Valenti in London, donate their services, thus the reduction in contributed goods and services for 2000.  We assume that the dinner meetings and barbecue will pay for themselves.  Official Tax Receipts for donations received (deposited) before and after the Election period were prepared and mailed before the end of January.