Party Officers

The Executive Committee of the Ontario Libertarian Party manages and controls the affairs, properties and funds of the Party.  The following are the members of the Executive Committee and Ethics Committee as of the Annual General Meeting on November 2, 2014. 

Leader – Allen Small

Deputy Leader – Mark Burnison

Chairman – Phillip Richard

Vice-Chairman Mark "Wojo" Wrzesniewski

Secretary – Peter Sodhi

Recording Secretary – John White

Treasurer – Jim McIntosh

Campaign Director – Scott Marshall

Member at Large – Igor Bily, Ron White

Ethics Committee - Nunzio Venuto (2012, 2009), Sam Apelbaum (2014, 2011), John Shaw (2014, 2011, 2008), Chester Brown (2013, 2010), George Dance (2013, 2010), Greg Janisse (2013), 

Conventions are held every three years to elect the Leader, Deputy Leader, Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Campaign Director for a three-year term. All of these positions except Leader and Deputy Leader may be replaced by election at a General Meeting. Members-at-Large are elected for a one-year term at a Convention or Annual General Meeting. Two members of the Ethics Committee are elected for a three-year term at each Convention or Annual General Meeting. (Ethics Committee members are listed above in order of seniority - longest serving members first.)