Party Leader - Allen Small

Allen Small, Biography

Political views

Allen advocates limiting the "size and scope of government, resulting in lower taxes, and more social and economic freedom." He has a libertarian view, namely that, if you personally wouldn't use force against people to achieve something, why would you be okay with allowing the government to do so on your behalf? Allen believes that the power of a government should be clearly defined and limited to do only certain things, like protecting individual rights and allowing people and businesses to flourish without force or fraud.

Allen would argue that monopolies, whether government or corporate monopolies, are ultimately bad for the consumer and that the Ontario provincial government should not have a monopoly over healthcare, education, electrical generation and the sale of alcohol.

Education & Career

Allen was schooled within the Toronto School Board system and graduated from Oakwood Collegiate Institute.
He studied science and majored in biology at the University of Toronto receiving a four year BSc in 1971. He then studied Science Teaching at the Faculty of Education University of Toronto, and received a BEd in 1972.
Allen was hired to teach science and biology for the Scarborough Board of Education at Midland Avenue Collegiate in September 1972. He left Midland to teach at Agincourt Collegiate Institute in September 1988, eventually becoming Head of Biology and was there until his retirement from the government school system in 2002. Allen then worked in a non-government school in Richmond Hill teaching senior biology until he retired in 2007.

Entry into politics

Allen entered politics in 2008, a year after retiring from teaching. He ran for office unsuccessfully for the Libertarian Party of Canada in Markham-Unionville in 2008 and again in 2011. He ran for office unsuccessfully for the Ontario Libertarian Party in 2011 in Markham-Unionville. Later that year he was elected to a 3-year term as the Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party, a position he has held ever since. He led the Ontario Libertarian Party in the 2014 Ontario General Election to their best showing ever.

Early life

Allen was born in the Bergen-Belsen DP camp in Germany, a British-occupied displaced persons camp that was a concentration camp during WWII. Both of his parents were Holocaust survivors. At 11 months of age, he and his family moved to Toronto, sponsored by his father's relatives. That fact and the location of his birth affected him greatly, and this is what gave him the early understanding that "government can destroy lives".

Personal life

Allen has been married to the same young lady since 1974, and has lived with her in Unionville since 1975. They have two adult children and two grandchildren.