The vision of the Party is Communities of freedom, harmony, and abundance.

0. Power Not Politics


It's time for change!

We believe in the right of individuals and communities to make their own informed decisions about electricity.  Consider making a donation, or join us to help make this a reality.

2. Leader's Message


Allen Small

"I believe that the people of Ontario should have greater control of their own lives, including greater economic and personal freedom. I'm confident that will result in greater prosperity for themselves and their families. One way this can be achieved is by reducing the size and scope of government. By supporting the Ontario Libertarian Party, you can help make this happen."

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3. It's time for a better Ontario


What do we stand for?

Our VISION is Communities of freedom, harmony, and abundance.
Our MISSION is to enable endless possibilities through recognition of, respect for, and protection of individual liberty.

Darren Roskam will be carrying the Libertarian banner in the Sept. 3, 2015 by election being held in the Ontario riding of Simcoe-North. Darren is also planning to run in the new Federal riding of Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte on Oct. 19, 2015.

Darren was born and raised in Barrie Ontario, and knows Simcoe-North and the new overlapping riding of Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte, created for the federal election. Darren has traveled between Barrie and Orillia all his life and has had family members in Simcoe-North and Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte, many years before the new federal riding was designated.

Darren is 47 years of age and attended Barrie’s own Georgian College, from which he graduated as a graphic designer in 1998, and thereafter started his own local magazine, Crowe, in 2000, and which has been going strong ever since, speaking largely to political matters as well as producing satirical materials.

Darren has been politically active since 2006, with a run for Ward 2 Councillor; independently for MPP in 2007; managed the Libertarian campaign of Paolo Fabrizio for MP of Barrie in 2008; Mayor of Barrie in 2010; MP for the Libertarians in 2011; MPP for the Libertarians, 2011, and again for MPP for the Libertarians in 2014, with the latter-most building the party yet again with more votes than before.

Darren has presented to Barrie City Council often since 2008, and got the City of Barrie’s personal arts grants program changed. In 2012 Darren succesfully lobbied his Ward Councillor to bring a motion to eliminate arts grants. Even though Darren is against government grants for the arts, he is an artist himself, and has made the short list for the Barrie Arts Awards twice in a row, 2013 and 2014.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - 10:50

Has your opinion of the Pan Am Games changed since the games began - Positive or Negative?

Yes - now more positive, it was worth all the money and inconvenience.
6% (1 vote)
Yes - now more negative, I think it was overrated and too expensive.
22% (4 votes)
No change - I still support the entire venture.
6% (1 vote)
No change - I always thought the money spent could be put to better use.
67% (12 votes)
Total votes: 18