Persuasion or Alienation?

A simple slip of the tongue i.e. we will lower "corporate" taxes to attract new business may alienate the listener. We come across as far right/ worse than the conservatives/ in bed with big business, etc. You're worse than Harper......

Changing corporate to "employer" lessens the chance we are grouped with right wingers; besides it really is small business that creates most of the new jobs historically.

Slamming the party in power (as Tim Hudak does) with no solutions also alienates voters. I encourage him to keep it up though as it makes him more and more unelectable.

Eastern Ontario Regional Coordinator

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted my responsibility to act and perform the function of the Eastern Ontario Regional Coordinated for the Ontario Libertarian Party. My offer is to volunteer some time, energy and effort when available to help promote, encourage and develop individual associations with our Libertarian Party. All we can do is offer access to information and permit individuals to inform and convince themselves of the benefits of membership.

You can please some of the people....Libertarian Platform Issues

You may have heard it said that libertarians agree on 95% of all issues, but fight tooth-and-nail over the remaining 5% (or is it 99% and 1%?). Its true, and I'm not the first to say that. However, the bickering and arguments over that 5% is often tedious, nit-picky, divisive and for me tiresome. Spend a few minutes in a libertarian Facebook discussion and you'll see libertarians are rarely of one mind.

To join, or not to join - THAT should be the question!

The time has come to repeal the legislation that mandates all Ontario teachers be a union member. Each teacher must be empowered with the right to choose whether or not to be associated in any manner whatsoever with a union. This right is the real basis of democracy but, somewhere in our political past, taken from our teachers and replaced by Union organizations that have lost their moral compass  and taken actions and positions that now reflects badly on the teaching profession as a whole.