Government Monopolies do not make things better!

private clinic

The private sector is able to deliver many services with lower administration costs, because they are trying to save money, make money and still be competitive with other suppliers.
Government creates monopolies such as healthcare and education, or supply management to ensure YOU are not permitted to enter the market ... without permission.

Few would argue that the current healthcare system needs to be overhauled and Doctors need the ability to open clinics that can bill OHIP above and beyond the current practices. Knee, hips, MRI, CAT Scans that you can still simply swipe your OHIP card.

The fact that patient care outcomes are rationed is detrimental to an accessible system, in favour of Union (political) posturing.

If they really cared, the state would allow all options. But they don't, because it is a political hot potato.

We will allow options and you can still pay with OHIP card.