Website Terms of Service

Website Accounts

Anyone who is a regular member of the Ontario Libertarian Party can apply for a website account. If you are an associate member, or a free member, thank you for your support. We only provide additional website content for regular members at this time.

There is an 8 week grace period from the time your party membership expires to the time your website account is disabled. You can check the status of your party membership and donation history by going to your user profile and clicking on "Contact Dashboard".

Please use your real name in your Website User Profile. Pseudonyms and aliases make it difficult for the webmaster to verify your membership status. If the webmaster can't confirm that you are a party member, they will not approve your account.

Please use strong passwords. A strong password is long, is not a commonly used word, and contains numbers and symbols. We employ various technologies to enforce strong user passwords.

This policy applies to the parties wiki, cloud server, and main party website.

Code of Conduct

Please don't promote positions that are inconsistent with our Statement of Ultimate Principles and Goals while using party websites.

Members should be free to discuss things in an environment that is free from insulting, harsh or divisive speech. If you are consistently being a pain in the ass the webmaster may issue a warning or suspend your account.


Please don't post unsolicited commercial messages. If the webmaster thinks your account is a source of spam or abuse, they may suspend or delete your account.

Content Submissions

If you are submitting an article, report or other document for publication, please ensure you are using a non-proprietary format and are using minimal formatting. Plain text documents are ideal. The webmaster may reject documents for publication if their publication requires us to purchase proprietary software or if their conversion to a web page requires too much labor.

All content submissions are owned and editable by the author and the author is responsible for correcting any mistakes or typos in their documents.

Content Rights

By submitting content to this website, you are granting the Ontario Libertarian Party a perpetual and non-revocable right to use that content on our websites. This includes articles, meetup notices, policy resolutions, position statements, etc. If you want something you have posted removed, please contact the webmaster and we will try to comply with your request provided it is not too disruptive.

Please do not share copyrighted works on our page without the consent of the owners of that content. This includes images and stock photographs. If you need to share an article or book someone else has written, please provide a link to that content instead.

Account Deletion

If your account has been disabled and unused for a long period of time (i.e. several years or more), the webmaster may assume it has been abandoned and delete the account. When they delete your account, any content associated with your account will show as being written by the 'Anonymous' user.

If you would like your website account deleted for whatever reason, you should send a request to the webmaster and they will try to accomodate your request. Some accounts that are authors of a lot of content cannot be easily deleted.

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